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Iconic GAY Viral Videos, The Ones that Started it All!

In the end of MySpace and the beginning of YouTube is when the viral video was born. This blog is to pay tribute to the trailblazers of the gay viral video.

11. Peppermint Servin' It Up

Yes, it is true, Peppermint has been Servin' It Up for many years and still killing the game. Peppermint was in fact one of the first drag artists to do original music (not parodies) and music videos! Being an original is what makes this video iconic! Gummy Bear anyone?

10. MAC Heatherette Ad

Mac, Heatherette, David LaChapelle, AND Amanda Lepore?! Yes, please! This was a special moment in queer iconic history.

9. Jackie Beat-Beaver

I don't think a lot of people realize this, but Jackie Beat started gay video parodies. I mean, we could be wrong, but I don't think we are?

8. Sherry Vine-Shit My Pants

The first time we saw this video, girl we almost shit our pants...laughing!

7. Todrick-Mean Boys

This video seemed to kick off him as an overtly queer artist. Todrick's videos will always be iconic!

6. Ryan James Yezak-California Gays

Ryan not only created some of the first gay viral videos of all time, he also is the master mind behind The Old Gays as well!

5. Andrew Christian: Car Wash

The original upload to this video doesn't seem to exist any more, but this video was playing in every gay bar across the globe. It is iconic because it was the first viral video for a gay brand!

4. Cazwell-Ice Cream Truck

This video was the birth of gay video hoes. Every gay man could not get enough of this video!

3. DWV: Boy is a Bottom

When this video dropped, every homosexual across the world put it on repeat. This video took viral to the next level. We think it's time for a DWV comeback!

2. KELLY- Shoes

This video took the entire world by storm. This was at the end of MySpace and the beginning of Youtube. Kelly is forever an iconic viral sensation!

1. Leave Britney Alone

Cara Cunningham broke the internet with "Leave Britney Alone" and is still an LGBTQ icon! Cara is the godmother of the viral video.


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