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Boulet Brothers’ Supermonsters are BACK for Dragula Season 5

See the 11 new ferocious drag ghouls will compete on the new season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula — including queens, kings, and spine-tingling artists.

In the fierce competition for Dragula's next Supermonster, contestants must unleash their filth, horror, and glamorous personas to truly captivate and claim the coveted bloody crown of this thrilling season! Prepare for a bone-chilling display of twisted artistry, spine-tingling performances, and outrageous fashion that will leave you gasping for more. Who will rise victorious and forever etch their name in the annals of drag history? Stay tuned to witness the monstrous magic unfold!

Featuring 11 drag entertainers from around the world, the season 5 cast includes artists from Argentina, China, and the United Kingdom, as well as seasoned glitzy stars from the realm of American drag.

Dracmorda Boulet: With season 5, we are beginning a new and innovative new chapter of the show, and we've retooled and updated the format in an incredibly exciting way
Swanthula Boulet: We're going back to basics with the format, and focusing on the competition element of the show, the incredible artists that we've cast and the out-of-this-world looks they create each week, and, of course, drag artists doing insanely terrifying and shocking physical challenges on TV. This is the best-looking season of the show yet, and I can't wait for fans to see these new competitors.

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Check out the cast below:

Anna Phylactic

Hometown: Manchester, U.K. Pronouns: She/her, he/him, they/them Drag style: Drag queen Official bio: An international drag artist, Anna brings her many years of experience as a valued member of "the family gorgeous" to the show. Her greatest strengths are her fabulous personality, her theatrical sensibility, and her deadly looks. Anna has a fearless fervor and is ready to throw herself at any challenge The Boulet Brothers' Dragula puts before her in her pursuit for the title.


Hometown: Houston Pronouns: She/her, he/him Drag style: Drag queen Official bio: Blackberri is known as the bearded beauty of Texas! Her prowess as an emcee and her performance abilities have earned her a lot of respect and a lot of success in the Houston scene. She brings a revolving door of talents to the competition, including comedy, acting, performance, and makeup skills. Blackberri is a jack of all trades, and would be very foolish for anyone to underestimate them.

Cynthia Doll

Hometown: Kansas City, Mo. Pronouns: She/her Drag style: Drag queen Official bio: Cynthia terrorizes Kansas City, Mo. with her high energy performances, her personality, and her horror-inspired fashion sense. She wouldn't be caught dead in anything but custom "coutorture" every time she takes the stage. Never "drama" but always "dramatic," Cynthia never starts trouble, but if someone has a problem with her, she promises to end it.

Fantasia Royale Gaga

Hometown: Miami Pronouns: She/her Drag style: Drag artist Official bio: Fantasia is ready to take on the competition with her dangerous curves, her beautiful face, and her 20-plus years of experience as an entertainer. As an iconic fixture in the Miami scene, Fantasia hopes to bury the other competitors with her professionalism, poise, and personality. The body has arrived, honey!

Jarvis Hammer

Hometown: Atlanta Pronouns: He/him Drag style: Drag king Official bio: Jarvis Hammer not only brings a stunning ghostly visual aesthetic to all of his drag looks, but also delivers fabulous performances showcasing his signature comedic styling. With a background in stand-up comedy, they bring a fresh and funny element to the competition. Jarvis is death-defyingly dashing, extremely dramatic, and very dead.

Jay Kay

Hometown: Brooklyn Pronouns: They/them Drag style: Drag artist Official bio: Jay Kay is a noxious mix of camp, gender-blending, and a whole lot of punk-rock personality. They are here to be louder, bigger, and more annoying than any other competitor to ever grace The Boulet Brothers' Dragula stage. They are "the most annoying person you ever met," and hope that a big personality is enough to bring them to the finale, and, ultimately, the title of the world's next Drag Supermonster.

Niohuru X

Hometown: Tianjin, China Pronouns: She/her, they/them Drag style: Drag artist Official bio: [Editor's note: These pre-written cast descriptions were provided to EW in a press release.] Niohuru is a recent transplant from China who has come to the United States to pursue her professional dreams. She is a makeup artist and fashion entrepreneur who uses cutting-edge technology to elevate her brand of twisted fashion and hardcore glam. Niohuru makes up for her lack of stage performance experience with huge amounts of enthusiasm and visionary drag looks.

Onyx Ondyx

Hometown: Philadelphia Pronouns: She/her Drag style: Drag queen Official bio: Onyx Ondyx is the commodity of oddities and a self-described "freak show showgirl" extraordinaire. Onyx is known for her terrifying and show-stopping circus sideshow stunts that keep audiences in Philadelphia coming back for more. With a high pain tolerance and a penchant for stage stunts, Onyx hopes that her unique sideshow skillset will win her the crown.


Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina Pronouns: He/him Drag style: Drag artist Official bio: Orkgotik is one of the diverse international competitors on the fifth season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula. Hailing from South America, he has come to the United States for the first time to compete on the show and feature his truly unique and horrifying drag skills. He uses his experimental prosthetic work to create otherworldly, nightmarish visions that celebrate despair, desire, and the darkness that lives in us all.


Hometown: Los Angeles Pronouns: She/her, they/them Drag style: Drag queen Official bio: Satanna is here to raise some hell and show the world that she is as feisty and fiery as she is fierce and talented. Her three greatest strengths are her performance capabilities, her gorgeous make up, and her ability to verbally destroy anyone! Her hot pink, candy-coated exterior betrays the bitchy devil dwelling on the inside. You've been warned.

Throb Zombie

Hometown: Boston Pronouns: They/them Drag style: Monster drag king Official bio: Throb Zombie is a horror-obsessed drag king fueled by all things spooky and creepy. With a punk rock aesthetic and a history in burlesque performance, they also love to consistently up the ante on their stage shows with a huge injection of sex appeal. Combining elements of both drag kings and drag queens, Throb promises to show us an unexpected side to the world of monster drag.


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