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First openly LGBTQ woman voted into NJ Legislature

A resounding victory for Democrats in this week's election, there was also a groundbreaking moment as Luanne Peterpaul became the first openly LGBTQ woman elected to the New Jersey legislature. NJ Assemblywoman-elect Luanne Peterpaul delved into the significance of this historic vote.

Peterpaul expressed immense gratitude for her remarkable team, emphasizing the bond they shared, akin to a tight-knit family. Their unwavering belief in their message and their sincere dedication propelled them forward.

Amidst a race where policies regarding parental notification for transgender and non-binary students took center stage, Peterpaul emphasized that her identity does not define the work she aims to undertake for the entire state. While being the first elected LGBTQ+ lesbian legislator is undoubtedly a part of her identity, it was not the sole driving force behind her entry into politics, except on the night of the election. She strongly stressed the importance of addressing not only LGBTQ+ equality but also combatting the widespread rise of anti-Semitism. Peterpaul firmly advocated for fostering dialogue devoid of bitterness and vitriol, urging everyone to come together irrespective of party lines.

Additionally, Peterpaul's running mate, Sen. Vin Gopal, secured a landslide victory for his third term in the 11th district, which was one of this year's most fiercely contested races. Gopal aptly summarized the outcome of the election, noting that civility ultimately triumphed.

This momentous election serves as a testament to the progress we continue to make toward a more inclusive and empathetic society.


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