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Are You GAY? We Have Binge Worthy Shows and Films for YOU! #3 is My FAV!

Updated: Jul 10

Enough with Bridgerton and Grey's Anatomy, it's time for us to support queer content and get those views up! We want more! (please some more diversity too but this is a great start)

Now these are shows and films that I have personally watched and recommend. I'm no movie critic, just a gay man that wants to start watching and supporting more queer content. But, who knows maybe this will turn into something.

I don't want to give a complete synopsis of the films because I feel like that will ruin them but I'll provide a snippet of my thoughts. Again not surprisingly there isn't too much diversity with some of these films, even though there are ever a few international ones on this list. The first one listed is "Fire Island" which I think did the best job and ensured the cast was very inclusive. Something I will look for more for my next go at this!

All of these films cover love, different forms of love, but love. Some are mainstream, some are more indie, and some are international ( I suggest you watch them in their native language with subtitles instead of dubbed over but whatever your personal preference is, still try the subtitles first! )


Fire Island- Film

A great love story about friendships, struggle, heartaches, and taking chances. Loved it!

How to stream:

Just Friends- Film

Dutch film about connections, family dynamics, loss, and love. Chemistry is great and.. just watch it!

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Elite- Series

Woof.. season 7 is about to drop its trailer, highly suggest starting from season 1 even though the cast changes (they actually graduate or die or run off somewhere). The show is wild and gives you a glimpse into the teenage 1%.

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Heartstopper- Series

The season 2 trailer is about to drop! I wish this series was out when I was younger and I'm so happy the younger generation has this now. British show about teenage struggles, love, and growth. Fucking adorable!

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In From The Side- Film

Was not expecting this one. Two men struggle with being in relationships and meeting someone new. Deals with heartache, hope, and of course love.

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Young Royals- Series

Two seasons are out on Netflix. Deals with a Swedish prince & commoner and a boarding school. Again like Heartstopper, I'm so happy this is out but the Prince aspect kind of gives you a very different take.

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Smiley- Series

Sadly there's just going to be 1 season of this but it's so good. Two men who met by luck and chance try and navigate their compatibility. Also doesn't hurt that Carlos Cueva is so adorable in it!

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EastSiders- Series

Four amazing seasons to binge, showcasing dynamics of relationships, family, and of course its roots in... love

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Alex Strangelove- Film

A teen film about a quirky teen discovering his sexuality while still being in love with someone else. Great coming-out story and I will leave it at that!

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Firebird- Film

Set in the 1970s Soviet Union two military men fall in love and deal with the struggles of keeping it hidden from the military and the ones they love.

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The Sea- Film

Set on the coast of Chile in a beautiful coastal town three people navigate sexuality and love.

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The Man with the Answers- Film

This is one of those films that I wasn't sure of for a bit and ended up loving it. A Greek and a German collide on a beautiful journey through loss, friendship, and growth.

How to Stream:


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