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With Scarlet Envy, the feeling is always mutual!

Updated: Jun 30

Hey Gay- Let's cut to the chase. You the drama, hun?

Scarlet- Is it me!?

Hey Gay- Ok, spill the tea! When and where did you start doing drag?

Scarlet- I started doing drag at my Nana's house with my cousins. She said why is it always you wearing my shoes and not the other boys?

Hey Gay- Out of all those fierce looks you've served on Drag Race, what's your absolute fave?

Scarlet- Venus with a Penis' Rudemption Runway, designed by @anyakneezplz, and my 1940's Love Letter Patterns Runway, designed by @furry_god_mother. Both served legendary looks on AS6, and I'm still gagging over the fact that I got to revisit these iconic concepts with all the time and materials I needed. 😍

Hey Gay- Speaking of, would you come back for another season? We need more of your fabulousness on the show!

Scarlet- If Ru calls, I will answer! I love being on tv & I think if you go on the show with a willingness to learn, grow and entertain you will have success. It’s all about connecting with your fans. The fans call the shots, they are the voice that matters most. Some RuGirls will disagree with me, which is fine. It is possible to respect the viewers, the judges and yourself simultaneously.

Hey Gay- So, what's next for you? Got any sneak peeks you can dish out?

Scarlet- As far as upcoming projects, I am currently working on an EP and filming a documentary. “Only Worn Once” is my first film debut, debuting this year. I was recently on NBC’s “Weakest Link” and you can check out my GRWM for Glamour out now.

Hey Gay- Rumor has it that you're hitting the World Tour scene again with Witch Perfect starring alongside Tina Burner & Alexis Michelle! Talk about spellbinding entertainment! I'm a major fan of all three of you. Tell me where to get tickets before they vanish into thin air?

Scarlet- OMG Yes!! UK Tickets are already on sale on Eventbrite

Hey Gay- What's the deadliest sin in drag, you ask? Committing a fashion faux-pas, of course! 😉

Scarlet- Faux pas? Is that a synthetic wig? I have lots of them, haha!!

Hey Gay- Of the three - performing, makeup, or wardrobe - which one's your favorite part of Drag?

Scarlet- I don’t like makeup performing or wardrobe but I love sucking dick so I guess that counts as performing

Hey Gay- What's one thing you wish your fans knew about you?

Scarlet- My left hand is my preferred choice, the right one's just for show.

Hey Gay- Let's spill some tea! ️ what do you think sets you apart from the other queens? 🤩😍

Scarlet- She is Viral!!!!

Hey Gay- We're obsessed with your merch, where can we get some of the Drama!?

Scarlet- Well Thats easy, you can get it right Here😍😍


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