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Heartbreak Alert: First "Our Son" Trailer Drops, Prepare for the Feels!

Written and directed by the talented Bill Oliver, in collaboration with co-writer Peter Nickowitz, Our Son delves into the compelling narrative of Gabriel (portrayed by the remarkable Billy Porter) and Nicky (brought to life by the exceptional Luke Evans) - a loving gay couple navigating the challenges of parenthood. Yet, beneath the surface, their seemingly idyllic marriage is on the brink of dissolution. Experience the poignant journey of Our Son as it explores the complexities of love, family, and the pursuit of happiness.

The trailer highlights the unique complexities of a gay couple who share parenthood and are going through a divorce. In a particular scene, Nicky passionately asserts his biological connection to their child, only to be informed that the law recognizes both him and Gabriel as legal parents. In another scene, Gabriel questions the depth of Nicky's emotional connection with their child.

In other court scenes, it becomes evident that a custody battle is imminent between the two characters, as they both strive to secure primary custody of their child. Their son, Owen, is portrayed by the talented young actor Christopher Woodley. The remaining cast includes esteemed actors such as Andrew Rannells, Isaac Cole Powell, Robin Weigert, Kate Burton, Phylicia Rashad, Francis Jue, and Emily Donahoe, just to name a few.

Following the triumph of achieving the right to same-sex marriage, LGBTQ+ couples have set a precedent for same-sex divorce as well. Amidst the surge of queer romantic comedies in recent years depicting the journey of gay individuals falling in love, "Our Son" stands out as a compelling narrative that explores the challenges faced by an established couple going through a gay divorce.

We thoroughly enjoy witnessing the diverse aspects of mainstream media, encompassing both the positive and negative sides. Our Son, in particular, contributes a valuable layer of representation that we genuinely appreciate!

Our Son premieres on December 8 in select theaters and on December 15 on VOD.


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