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Unraveling the Enigma of the EVITA Party - An Exclusive Interview

Looking back on this season, what were some of the most memorable moments that stood out to you? Whether it was a particular performance, or a special moment, we'd love to hear your highlights.

ANDRES: The ending of an EVITA season is always so bitter sweet. I’m so full of so many emotions, but the most overwhelming one is gratitude. Over the span of 6 months I feel so blessed to have been surrounded by so many exceptionally talented artists. From the audience, to the stage to our family – we all shared moments that are so special and, for me, defining. EVITA is more than a party, its a season.

OLY: The first party back each season is always very special, the line is always around the block and the energy is always electric. But I was very excited when movie director Baz Laurhmann came to Evita as he’s one of my idols.

Your talented musicians and performers are at the heart of Evita, bringing energy and excitement to your parties week after week. Who were some of your favorites this season, and what made them stand out?

ANDRES: This season has been so amazing with so many iconic moments! Honestly every time I have a favorite night it’s topped soon after with another incredible evening. Most recently though I’d have to say Kesha’s performance is probably at the top of the list followed by, Demi Lovato and Bebe Rexha! Nothing makes me smile larger than seeing a packed room full of beautiful queer energy collectively experiencing an intimate performance from a pop icon!

OLY: For me, Bebe Rexha was a fantastic night. She was so cool and game for having a great time. She really understood where she was and what was expected of her and she really delivered. She even wasn’t afraid to get off the stage and right into the audience with the crowd. We play the music of these female pop stars every week and its the gays and gay clubs that can really make an artist blow up. So when they are down to come into a gay club and say thank you to the community that supports them it’s really special.

At Evita, you are proud to support and uplift the queer community, and I believe that your parties have a real impact. How do you think Evita has impacted the queer community, and why is it so important to you?

ANDRES: We put so much of ourselves into our parties and are so intentional with every aspect of what we create on a weekly basis. Creating queer safe spaces is so important especially these days when the LGBTQIA+ community is under attack. Spaces like EVITA allow individuals to find themselves and grow in a highly creative and inspirational environment. It is hard work and I do sometimes forget, but my favorite part of my job is when someone comes up to me and tells me how we have changed their lives or watching those who started with us rise to success and fame via their true queer selves.

All in all, its the combination of my amazing creative partnership with OLLYWOOD, our incredible queer family of performers, hosts, DJs and dancers and most importantly the entire Los Angeles LGBTQIA+ nightlife scene, which shares its energy and light with us every Friday. This unique symphony creates a lighting in a bottle effect that even today continues to inspire awe in myself every time we open our doors.

OLY: We love to discover and nurture new talent, whether they are a musician, drag queen or dancer and so on, we give them a stage to perform and guide them with advice on how to a slay a club performance. We also understand how important Evita is to a lot of people. We encourage individuality and freedom of expression. Some of our Evita family are people that find it challenging fitting into the real world. At Evita they can be whoever they want to be for the night and we will celebrate that.

We're excited to announce your upcoming Impulse Pool Party on July 8th! What can you expect from this event, and what are you most looking forward to? - Looking to the future, what are Evita's plans? Are there any new events or initiatives on the horizon that you're excited about?

OLY: The pool party is my favorite event I work on all year. Encouraging safe sex and knowing your status is a cause that is very important to me. Entry is free if you screen test for HIV or STI. Every year we try to beat last years testing numbers and so far we have beaten our own and Impulses record each year.

ANDRES: Working with Impulse Group to help spread awareness and promote testing and safe sex is so fulfilling and the fact that we get to throw a party in a mansion is the cherry on top! Oly and I are committed to giving back to the community and donating our brand and time for important community causes like the Impulse Pool party.

You recently held an event at Soho's Little Beach House in Malibu that was a huge success! Can you tell us a little more about how it went, and what made it so special?

ANDRES: It was such a huge honor to be chosen to be the first ever LGBTQIA+ Pride event at Soho Little Beach House Malibu! Being able to celebrate queerness on one of the most beautiful beaches in California with the Malibu community and our EVITA family will be a moment that I would soon forget.

What inspired you to start Evita, and how has the company evolved since its inception? We'd love to hear more about your journey and the challenges you've faced along the way.

ANDRES: EVITA originated a decade ago in 2013. Back then the overwhelming representation of LGBTQIA+ culture was the celebration of hyper masculine, cisgender culture. Queer representation was not what it is today and the word “Queer” was rarely used, if at all, when describing nightlife. At the time, I wanted to create a brand that celebrated the strength, power, and perseverance of fluid sexual energy–What was then seen as counterculture in the LGBTQIA+ scene. The name EVITA was intentionally chosen from Latin/Hebrew origin meaning "life” which we aimed to share with our guests every week. Since its creation, EVITA has existed in many forms throughout the decade, but the brand as we know it today wasn’t born until OLLYWOOD and I partnered in 2017. Since then EVITA has exploded into a glittering seasonal spectacle featuring the best of the best of emerging and established talent.

OLY: Each season the party evolves and grows bigger - The level of talent gets stronger each year. It a lot of fun to dream big and throw out crazy ideas of people you want and sometimes they land.

With so many amazing parties under your belt, it's hard to pick just one favorite! If you had to choose, which Evita party stands out to you the most, and why?

OLY: The first part back from Covid in 2020 was particularly special. Everyone was in the mood to celebrate. Dua Lipa hosted, Orville Peck performed. It was so much fun. It was the best night of my career in parties.

ANDRES: I agree! The season after Covid lockdown was so special. I think that we all realized how important queer nightlife is and this was underscored when we were one of the first parties to return after a year of solitude. In all my years I’ve never experienced energy and gratitude like that.

Photos Courtesy of SteveontheScene


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