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Top 10 Gay Friendliest Cities in the US!

10. Chicago, Illinois

Most people in Chicago are open minded and not phased by being around gayness. Boys town is as gay as it can get! BUT, there are definitely areas in Chicago that you are going to want to tame it down.... Mary!

9. Denver, Colorado

Denver folks tend to be pretty chill, laid back, and nice. The city has very low hate crimes and a lot of gay nightlife options.

8. Los Angeles, California

Are people in LA nice? Not always, but you cannot deny the city is supportive of the gays. The city is so gay it has many gay neighborhoods, including: West Hollywood, Hollywood, Silverlake, Downtown LA, and North Hollywood.

7. Ft Lauderdale & Wilton Manors, Florida

Most people would not consider Florida to be the best state for a gay man, but Florida has some gems! Some of our favorite gay parts of Florida are Ft. Lauderdale and Wilton Manors, Miami, Orlando, and Key West.

6. Seattle, Washington

Capitol Hill has long been the Seattle's gay epicenter and home to artists, hipsters, students and now-famous musicians, not to mention some of the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, live music venues and public parks.

5. Columbus, Ohio

In recent years, the queer population of Columbus has grown in leaps and bounds, being attracted to this cities friendliness towards small businesses, the high quality of life, and an ethnically diverse population. As a result, Columbus today is definitely one of the Midwest’s most attractive destinations to LGBTQ visitors and residents alike.

4. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is always going to be a legendary gay city, but as of lately crime and drugs have gotten a hold of the city and made it a bit less gay friendly.

3. New York City, New York

New York City used to be where every trend started and where every cool gay person wanted to live. It seems like LA has been giving NYC a run for the money for years now. Still, New Yorkers embrace diversity better than any other city.

2. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has quickly become one of the most progressive and fastest growing cities in the US. Not only are the people in Austin friendly (in general), they are also open minded and love diversity!

1. Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs seems to be getting gayer by the minute. Palm Springs know for being the place where so many gay men go to retire, but did you know that over half the population in Palm Springs is gay?! It's true!


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