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Roads Less Traveled: One Man’s Mission to Show Us the World and Expand Our Horizons.

Updated: Nov 14

In today's world, there are countless ways to observe the wonders of our planet. However, to truly immerse oneself in those experiences? That is an entirely different realm altogether. Enter Chris Puckett, the visionary behind Puckett Excursions, an LGBTQIA+ travel company that embraces the thrill of adventure, fosters new connections, and curates exceptional all-inclusive tours across the globe.

For Chris, travel is more than a mere assortment of passport stamps; it is a transformative voyage of self-discovery. Through his journeys, he has discovered that kindness knows no borders, language is just one mode of expression, and true beauty resides in the remarkable narratives of people.

“My entire life has led me to this moment. Every mile I've walked, person I've met, food I've tasted... All of it has been poured into each of our trips. And now I get to share it with you.”

Born into a family of avid explorers, Chris developed an unyielding passion for adventure from a young age. Guided by an intrepid spirit, he has unearthed some of the world's most awe-inspiring and undiscovered destinations. Now, he shares that sense of wonder with others, leading them to witness the breathtaking splendor firsthand. If exploration is the key to unlocking our understanding of the world, Chris' purpose is dedicated to precisely that.

Above all, this way of life has forever ignited his curiosity and thirst for new experiences. Along the way, he has encountered individuals from all walks of life, unveiling the profound differences in our stories, struggles, and moments of joy. Each fragment of wisdom shared has become a cherished part of Chris, a priceless keepsake that molds his very identity.

In a world brimming with limitless possibilities, Chris Puckett and Puckett Excursions stand as beacons of inspiration, inviting fellow adventurers to embark on their own transformative journeys and weave their stories into the tapestry of the world.

To Learn more about Chris, his excursions, or to book one yourself, visit his website and social media pages:

Instagram: @puckettexcursions @p.u.c.k.e.t.t

TikTok: @puckettexcursions


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