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To Equality and Beyond: Buzz Lightyear Stands With LGBTQ+ Community

buzz lightyear pride LGBTQ+ gay disney pixar

Hey Gay! So, get this: there's this TikTok vid from Walt Disney World that's been blowin' up, with over 2 million views already! It was taken by this TikToker named BrittBrattCattt at a parade, and it caught the attention of any Disney lover. You wanna know why? Well, during the parade, there's this employee all dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, and they spot someone in the crowd waving a rainbow flag. Can you believe it? They go over, take the flag, and wave it around like they're strutting down a runway, all while Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" is playing in the background.

buzz lightyear pride LGBTQ+ gay disney pixar

Now, since this happened during Pride Month, folks are crackin' jokes left and right, sayin' that Buzz Lightyear is clearly an ally for the LGBTQ+ community. And some are even wonderin' how Tim Allen, the voice of Lightyear in the Toy Story movies, would react to all this. I saw one comment: "Tim Allen is probably losin' it right now! I'm lovin' it!" Another person chimed in, sayin', "C'mon, Buzz has gotta be a little bi, right? You can't deny the vibes between him and Woody!"

And then there's this other comment that goes, "Ya know, his line 'Any doubt I had was pounded out of me at the academy' suddenly makes a whole lotta sense now!"

buzz lightyear pride LGBTQ+ gay disney pixar

But here's the thing, Disney has been catchin' some heat lately for showin' support for the LGBTQ+ community. Some folks on the far right of the political spectrum ain't too happy about it. They got all riled up when Disney spoke out against Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law, and now Governor Ron DeSantis has been tryin' to strip Disney of its power in the state. Can you believe it?

But hey, not everyone's upset with Disney. Some people are actually praisin' 'em for bein' inclusive. Did you see that other TikTok vid with the employee at Disneyland's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? They were rockin' a dress and helpin' out the kids. So many people were impressed by their professionalism, and they gotta give props to Disney for embracin' all kinds of folks.

buzz lightyear pride LGBTQ+ gay disney pixar

Oh, and did you know that after the original Toy Story movies, Pixar (yep, owned by Disney) released a movie called Lightyear? It's the story of the astronaut that Buzz Lightyear toy is based on. Pretty cool, right? Well, in that movie, there's even a quick same-sex kiss between two characters. But let me tell ya, that caused some countries, like Indonesia, Egypt, and Lebanon, to ban Lightyear.

So there you have it! This TikTok vid with Buzz Lightyear at Disney World is creating quite a stir. Gotta love how it's sparkin' conversations and making us think about inclusivity in our favorite stories.


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