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The New David Archuleta: Exclusive Interview & Photos!

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

David Archuleta won our hearts on American Idol with his beautiful voice and charming personality.

We are happy to share with you that David is back and better than ever. David has become comfortable in his own skin and his sexuality. He just placed second on the Masked Singer where he shared his story, and we have been cheering for him!

We caught up with David via an interview and have exclusive photos from his latest music video, "I'm Yours." (photos by Shaun Vadella, Music video by Brad Hammer Productions)

Check it all out below!

We are so proud of you for coming out and being your authentic self. We know this journey has not been easy for you, but how are you feeling today at this moment?

Thank you! I am feeling great now. There are still things to navigate still being a public figure in the mormon (Latter-Day Saint) community. I’ve had a lot of support though from the lgbtqia+ community though and also from family, friends and even strangers.

How has music helped you through the dark times in your life? What artists do you listen to for inspiration?

I used to listen to a lot of Christian music, like Jonathan Mcreynolds, Kirk Franklin, Karen Clark Sheard, Danny Gokey which I still do from time to time though it’s more from nostalgia. Songs like Believe for It by Cece Winans (which I listen to often because it gives me hope for something that is deemed impossible, like that there can be a world where people of religions and the lgbtqia+ community can have a better middle ground for example. Where religious communities can be more embracing and accepting). I listened to It’s Okay to Cry by Sophie a lot when I came out, as well as Christina Aguilera’s Voice Within. Now I listen to a artists like ARIZONA, Loreen, Abida Parveen, Eric Prydz, Taylor Swift, Libianca, Ayra Starr.

What is your favorite thing about being openly gay?

Not feeling like I have something to hide, allowing myself to date guys lol. Not trying to be something for the sake of getting the approval of others that I’m acceptable and good.

Your voice is magical, but we want to know, who is your favorite singer and why?

my favorite singer may be a Christian/gospel singer Kierra Sheard. Her vocals are amazing, emotive, and I have learned a lot from her as a vocalist. Christian/gospel has been a huge influence on my technique and style. for non religious artists though there are of course Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. :)

What advice do you have for younger queer people who are struggling to accept themselves?

I would say go at your own pace. Especially if you come from a conservative/religious background like I did where it’s scary to think of how many things will change because of a tight-knit, bubble-like community that is all you’ve ever known and you don’t know where to go if that is gone. Find friends you know you can confide in and open up when you feel ready and have the strength to. But I would say take courage to take the steps forward!! It is intimidating but so worth it and you will feel this huge burden off your soldiers. Instead of feeling this shame and animosity towards yourself, it will be replaced with love that you didn’t know you could possibly have for yourself.

We all knew you could sing, but we love watching you dance! Have you always loved to dance? What song is your favorite dance song?

hahaha. I do love to dance even though I’m not a professional dancer! It’s a release and a way to disconnect from everything and connect to the music, while also getting good exercise!

What inspired your new song, "I'm Yours?" What was the process like creating this song?

I wanted to show I’m in a happy place of life and what it feels like to be in this place after all the heavy life transitions like coming out and everything that lead up to that. The carefree, good vibes and confidence you feel to be who you are.

You seem so free and happy in your new music video. What was it like working with so many queer people with Brad Hammer Productions? Did the team help to make you feel more comfortable?

id never worked with so many queer people in my life and I was a little worried at first just because I’m so used to feeling like “you’re not supposed to associate with so many people because they’ll take you down a wrong path.” But to see it’s just normal people, doing their thing with creativity with videography, directing, editing, set design, wardrobe, etc only you have something in common with something a lot of people have put you in a box for having misconceptions really allows you to feel loosened up. Also that we’ve all had to go through this liberating process of putting ourselves in those boxes and cages for others. It’s so freeing!!

Coming out in such a public way is not easy, did any other celebrities reach out to you and have your back?

Yes I did and I’m so grateful for them! Those who grew up LDS like I did, those that were queer, those that were simply expressing them at they were straight Allies, and even a couple from the Christian music world that meant a lot to me. my friend Kevin McHale who was one of the directors for several of my music videos and I called him to get the scoop on what it’s like to be “out” and what to expect, because I really didn’t have much of an idea. It was like setting foot into a new country for the first time with new customs and culture i asked him what it was like to date guys because I had no idea what that was like lol.

Thank you for your time David. We are honored to call you family and are here to support you and all your future endeavors. But tell us, what should we be on the lookout for?

thank you so much!! I am releasing another song in August that I did with Brad Hammer and the crew that I can’t wait for! Also can’t wait to share a whole new album which these songs will be a part of. :) I’m also working on writing a book.

You can follow David Archuleta, HERE.


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