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Iconic party Daddy Issues returns to Los Angeles Sept 23rd! OLLYWOOD interview ahead of the reunion!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Tell us about the party and how it got started?

OLLYWOOD: Daddy Issues was created in London in 2016. I moved to Los Angeles the following year and brought the party here. After the success of launching in LA, we took the party on the road and by the end of 2019 we had thrown Daddy Issues parties in 26 different cities around the world! Taking the party to all these cities has been one of the biggest blessings of my nightlife career. I love meeting queer people from all over the world. I’ve managed to meet so many friends from online, make new friends, experience nightlife in different cities and really explore America, Europe and Canada. Following the success of the tour we created 2 issues of The Daddy Issues photo zine which was a lot of fun. Our @heyrooney branding and daddy illustrations have always been popular and when we first launched we sold them as T Shirts. It was so amazing to see people wearing their Daddy Issues tees online in places as far as Brazil and Australia where we weren't even doing the party.

What were your favorite cities?

OLLYWOOD: NYC was always incredible because House of Yes was the biggest venue we worked with and NYC always shows out! Boston, Atlanta, Chicago were all fab. But I actually really enjoyed going to the smaller cities where the gay scene is less thriving because they were really excited to have us and the whole town would show up. Denver, Columbus and Cleveland were so fun.

What is it about Daddy Issues that makes people go nuts all over the world?

OLLYWOOD: I think it really tapped into something culturally at the time. That millennial pink and the word Daddy was so buzzy back in 2016. People just really got attached to it. I was able to use our social following to really connect with our audience and create an army which I don’t think another party had ever done. We never told people to show up to our parties wearing pink but they all just did. When I started seeing that I really knew we had created something special.

What made you decide to bring the party back?

OLLYWOOD: I’m not a nostalgic person and I rarely like to repeat or look back so I thought I had put Daddy Issues to bed. But a week doesn’t go by that I don’t have someone ask when Daddy Issues is coming back. Then I was approached by our friends at Precinct. I love the venue so much and I always wanted to do something there. So the timing felt right.

What have you got planned for the big return?

OLLYWOOD: Well this time I’m teaming up with my amazing work wife Andres Rigal. We are an amazing team so I’m thrilled to be working with him on this event. I’m so excited to see how we can grow the party at Precinct because it is a really iconic Los Angeles queer venue. It is bigger than our last home with better lighting, sound and stage, the experience will be higher quality. I’m also excited to possibly visit some of my favorite cities again with the party. Or new cities that we didn't make it to before! Let’s see!





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