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🍁 "Falling for Fall: Top 5 Autumnal Activities for Every Gay!" 🍁

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Hey there, Hey Gay readers!

The leaves are changing, the air is crisping, and your wardrobe is itching for those cozy, layered looks. Yes, it's that pumpkin-spiced time of year, and no, we aren’t talking about the cliché Starbucks drink. Autumn is upon us, and it's time to seize the season with all the fabulousness you possess! Dive into our top 5 autumnal activities to sprinkle some extra glitter onto your fall festivities.

1. 🌰 Autumn Aesthetic Photoshoot The changing foliage provides the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram shoot. Gather your LGBTQ+ fam, put on your coziest cardigans, oversized scarves, and dapper boots. Strut your stuff against the golden hues, and don’t forget to find that perfect fallen leaf for that candid shot! Extra points for pumpkin props or apple-tastic accessories.

2. 🍂 Drag Leaf Jumping Yes, you heard right! Why should kids have all the fun? Organize a leaf-jumping party where the only entry ticket is to come in drag. The bigger the hair, the closer to...the trees? Dive into those crunchy mounds with elegance and poise, making sure someone’s capturing your dramatic dives in slow motion. The only rule? Watch the wig!

3. 🥧 Queer Pie Baking Extravaganza Pie isn't just for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin, apple, cherry – or if you're daring – a blend of all three! Host a pie-baking night with your queer pals. Let everyone bring a unique ingredient to toss into a communal pie. It’s all about collaboration and creativity. And who knows, you might just invent the next popular pie filling. “Gayberry” anyone?

4. 🎃 Pride Pumpkin Carving Turn the typical Halloween activity into a Pride festivity! Whether it’s the rainbow flag, the trans symbol, or a fabulous portrait of your favorite LGBTQ+ icon, make your pumpkin scream pride. Illuminate it with rainbow-colored lights for an extra splash of flair. Place it on your porch to let the world know where the party's at!

5. 🏞️ LGBTQ+ Hiking Club Autumn is arguably the best time to hike. The temperatures are just right, and nature puts on the best show. Form an LGBTQ+ hiking club and explore the trails around your area. It’s a great way to bond, get fit, and embrace the beauty of the season. Pack a picnic, some hot cocoa, and make an afternoon of it!

Wrapping Up Fall is more than just a transition between summer and winter; it's a season bursting with its own unique charm and possibilities. So, whether you're indulging in sweet treats, enjoying nature, or simply basking in the colors of the season with your queer crew, let’s make this autumn memorable! Stay fabulous and keep slaying the fall runway, one leaf at a time. 🍁🌈

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