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DragCon 2023: Best Dressed

Updated: May 15

12. Sasha Colby

We are huge Sasha Colby fans and although we think her outfit would have been better for night time, we still loved it!

11. GottMik

GotMik is known for his fashion and he didn't let us down this year at Drag Con. Black and White perfection!

10. Brooklyn Hytes

When you are this gorgeous, you don't need to be extreme. Brooklyn looks like a super model!

9. Heidi N. Closet

We love seeing Heidi's glow up and this look is super fun and well executed!

8. Jaida Essence Hall

Always a stunner and she probably made this look too!

7. Malaysia

Malaysia really does look like a baby doll in this beautiful soft pink look!

6. Icesis

She is the queen of cool and always on point with her fashion and looks!

5. Tayce

We were so happy to see Tayce at Drag Con. Her star is rising and she is glowing like a true star!

4. Krystal Versace

Krystal's face is her best accessory, but she also knows how to turn a look!

3. Priyanka

Priyanka really stepped it up with this look! She looks stunning!

2.. Manila Luzon

We just fell in love with Manila's beautiful and colorful look for DragCon 2023. Manila is always showing the children how it is done!

1. Jimbo

The fans really go bananas for Jimbo and we can see why! Jimbo's creativity seems to have no limits. Jimbo is the moment!


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