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Did the Gay & the Girls save the US Economy this summer!?

Whoa, hold onto your wallets because these three powerhouse women-led productions are unleashing a billion-dollar shopping frenzy from coast to coast! It's like a money rainstorm for local economies, making those recession worries take a hike. Let's dive into all the fabulous perks of this Spend-Tastic Summer!

Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor because The Eras Tour is rewriting the record books! This tour is not just crossing the billion-dollar threshold in ticket sales, it's doing the moonwalk over it, as spilled by the folks at Fortune. And that's not all – rumor has it that this tour is the goldmine that's about to rain down a mind-blowing $4.6 billion across US hometown economies. We're talking hotels, road trips, and a food fiesta included!

Hold onto your dance moves because here's a jaw-dropping prediction fresh from the fun folks at Forbes! Brace yourselves, because Queen B's Renaissance tour is not just going to rock the stage, it's set to make a wallet-busting entrance. Get this – the crystal ball gazers are saying it might waltz past even the mind-blowing Eras projection and strut in a cool $2.1 billion. It's like money's doing the moonwalk alongside the music! 🎤🕺💃

Holy popcorn, movie buffs, you won't believe the blockbuster rollercoaster we're on! Greta Gerwig's Barbie is strutting down the red carpet of success like nobody's business. Picture this: a mind-boggling $155 million in its first weekend right here in the good ol' USA, and hold onto your popcorn hats, because it's not stopping there. Drumroll, please... this cinematic sensation has now soared beyond the billion-dollar mark worldwide, according to the cinema whisperers at Variety. Barbie's not just a doll – she's a money-making dynamo on the big screen! 🍿🎬🌟

Buckle up, because the Barbie movie isn't just about cinematic magic – it's a party that's got everyone in the financial dance! This flick didn't just break out of the toy box; it's creating lasting cash confetti for over 165 partners who hopped on the promotional wagon. Prepare to have your mind blown: AMC theaters, after a weekend that could only be described as "Barbenheimer," had their best week in a whopping 103 years! Talk about stealing the spotlight, right?

The buzz is so real that it's practically turned Google into a fashion runway. After the premiere, it's like the whole world suddenly decided it's time for Birkenstock sandals to shine – searches for "Birkenstock sandals for women" rocketed up by an unbelievable 346%. Who knew a movie about a doll could cause a sandal frenzy? 🎥👠🔥

Taylor Swift gave over $55 million in bonuses to people working on her tour, which included truck drivers, dancers, riggers, and caterers.


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