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10 Offensive Comments on Gay Apps: NEVER Say These Things!

10. "I have to see your nude photos, or I am done chatting"

Try respecting people's boundaries and not pressuring them into sending anything they don't feel comfortable sending to you. Be thoughtful and quit thinking only with your dick!

9. "I see you right now" and/or "I know where you live"

This is weird and creepy! It's great that apps have the location locater, but not everyone wants to be seen at all times. Saying "I see you" and/or "I think I know where you live" is creepy, just don't do it!

8. "Your cock is too small"

Please have some tact about the topic of penis size. Not everyone is hung like a porn star and some people are really sensitive to comments about their dick size. Be nice and listen to the song below in private!

7. "I am only into (insert race)"

Make sure you treat people like human beings and not just their race. You don't want to come across as fetishizing a race.

6. "Feminine men gross me out!"

Your preference in men is respected, but there is no reason to say this to anyone. Politely decline, find a nice compliment, and wish the person the best.

5. "Trans people should not even be on this app"

You don't own the app, so basically this is none of your business. Trans people are not hurting you by being on the same app as you, so keep your rude comments to yourself!

4. "I am not into fat guys" "You are too skinny"

Body shaming is never okay. You have no idea how much your words can hurt someone. Be a good person and don't ever body shame ANYONE!

3. "I am not into (insert race)

Being racist is always gross.

2. "Are you clean?"

This one is ranked so high because it is shocking people even say this any more! Asking if someone is clean, but really you are asking if they have HIV, is not okay! By saying this you are basically calling people with HIV dirty. Stop the madness!

1. Mental Breakdown after being rejected (insert extremely mean comments)

I feel like this had to be #1 on the list. The person who has a melt down on the app and calls you every single rude thing that they can think of.

If someone doesn't reply to you right away (or at all for that matter), do not freak out on them! If someone tells you that you are on their type, do not lose your mind and threaten to kill them.

Remember to take some deep breathes, put the phone down, and walk away from the computer. Internet bullying is in not funny at all. In fact, it is immature, and just plain rude!


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