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Need some help staying with your 2023 Fitness Goals, these are our favorite apps to help you out!!

Improving your fitness is always a worthy goal, and we know it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out exactly what workout to do and how to do it. It's often easiest to follow simple workout instructions, and that’s where fitness apps come in. Today, there are more apps than ever that provide virtual instruction, workout programs, community and even virtual personal training.

You can pick the best workout app for you based on your fitness goals and access to equipment. For example, do you have a home gym? There are apps that help you crush your workout right from your garage or living room. Need the motivation of a dedicated coach? There are apps that connect you with a personal trainer. Looking to build muscle or lose weight? There’s an app for that.

Whether you’re looking to improve your mile time, add two inches to your biceps, lose some belly fat or get personalized workouts from an online trainer, our guide to the best workout apps in 2023 will help you find an effective tool for any goal and fitness level.

Our Picks for the Best Workout Apps for Men in 2023:

  • Best Overall Workout App for Men: Future

  • Best Customizable Workout App for Men: Caliber

  • Best Workout App for Men for Personal Training: Future

  • Best Workout App for Men for Beginners: Joggo

  • Best Workout App for Men for Fitness Classes: Fiit

  • Best Weightlifting Workout App for Men: Future

  • Best Variety Workout App for Men: ClassPass

  • Best Interactive Workout App for Men: Aaptiv

  • Best Outdoor Workout App for Men: Strava

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