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  • Levi Brooks

Hadrian & Antinous: The Roman Love Affair That Echoed Through Eternity

Hey Gay fam! Buckle up, because we're zooming from Greece and landing smack dab in the heart of the Roman Empire. If you thought Rome was all about gladiators, togas, and eating grapes in a decadent manner (okay, it kind of was), you're in for a treat. Today, we unwrap the tale of Emperor Hadrian and the dashing Antinous. And trust us, it's spicier than a Roman pepper!

Introducing the Lovers:

Hadrian: The Roman Emperor, an avid traveler, builder of walls (yes, that Hadrian’s Wall in Britain), and a man of refined tastes.

Antinous: A young Greek, renowned for his beauty and intellect, who captured the Emperor’s heart. Think of him as the Timothée Chalamet of ancient Rome.

A Love Story Etched in Stone:

These two were inseparable. They traveled the vast Roman Empire together, and their adventures were the stuff of legends. But tragedy struck when Antinous drowned in the Nile. The reason? Still a mystery. Some say accident, some whisper sacrifice, and some suggest foul play.

Hadrian's grief knew no bounds. But he wasn’t about to light a candle and write a sad journal entry. Oh no. He went BIG. He founded an entire city in Antinous's name, created a religious cult around him, and had his handsome face carved on coins, statues, and reliefs across the empire. Talk about being immortalized!

Why This Matters Now:

  1. Unapologetic Love: In a time when LGBTQ+ relationships weren't always front and center, Hadrian put his love on a pedestal for the whole empire to see.

  2. The Impact of Loss: Like Achilles and Patroclus, the story underlines the transformative power of grief.

  3. Legacy Matters: Through art, architecture, and faith, Hadrian ensured Antinous was never forgotten, reminding us of the lasting impact of love.

Pearls of Wisdom from Rome:

  • Public Declarations: Sometimes, it's okay (even awesome!) to wear your heart on your sleeve. Or, you know, on coins and statues.

  • Art is Eternal: Our stories, especially those of love and loss, can live on through the art we create and inspire.

  • Trust in Your Feelings: Despite the whispers and gossip, Hadrian stood firm in his affection, teaching us the value of authenticity.

Wrapping It Up (In a Toga, Perhaps?):

Hadrian and Antinous's saga isn't just a tale of love; it's about ensuring that love’s memory stands tall against the sands of time. So, next time you snap a selfie with your boo or pen a heartfelt note, remember you're creating your own eternal legacy of love.

Get ready for more heartbeats and heartbreaks as we continue our amorous adventures through history. Keep your hearts open and your togas tied tight! 💖🏛🌈


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