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8 Celebrities Who Have Come Out in 2023 (so far)

Alexander Lincoln

In January, the British actor, known for iconic roles such as Jamie Tate in Emmerdale Farm and Mark Newton in In From the Side, bravely came out to the world. Speaking personally, it takes great courage to be vulnerable and reflective in such a public way. Kudos to this amazing actor for being true to themselves!

Though he didn't specifically label himself, he confirmed via an Instagram comment to a fan that he is, in his own words, "not straight."

Noah Schnapp

In January, a TikTok video changed everything for Noah Schnapp, who you may recognize as Will Byers from the wildly popular sci-fi series Stranger Things on Netflix. In the clip, he publicly shared that he is gay, marking a deeply personal and vulnerable moment for the young actor. His courage to speak out and live authentically is truly inspiring.

Using the viral 'You know what it never was? That serious' audio on the popular app, Schnapp captioned the post: "When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years and all they said was 'we know.'"

Lil Nas X

As an award-winning rapper with a history of being proudly open about his identity, X took to Twitter in January to share that he may identify as bisexual. Reflecting on this vulnerable moment, it's clear that his willingness to explore his true self is an inspiration for those who may be struggling with their own journey of self-discovery.

"Be fr would y'all be mad at me if I thought I was a little bisexual," he tweeted.

Though he is famous for trolling and joking around on the internet, X followed up that tweet, saying, "That was my last time coming out the closet I promise."

Jakub Jankto

It's not every day that someone comes out publicly, especially in sports. So when I heard that a Czech professional soccer player had become the first active international soccer player to come out as gay, I was struck by his bravery. It's important that we all support him in his decision and continue to push for more inclusivity and acceptance in the world of sports.

"Like everybody else, I have my strengths, I have my weaknesses, I have my family, I have my friends," he said in a video posted to social media. "Like everybody else, I also want to live my life in freedom. Without fears. Without prejudice. Without violence. But with love. I’m homosexual and I no longer want to hide myself."

Jeff Molina

In March, a private video of Molina being intimate with another man was unfortunately leaked online. However, despite this invasion of their privacy, Molina chose to make a brave and empowering decision by publicly announcing that they identify as bisexual. Let's support Molina and celebrate their courage to be their authentic self!

"Welp... this f*cking sucks. TLDR: I’m bi. Not the way I wanted to do this, but the chance to do it when I was ready was taken from me," he said in a statement on social media following the leak. "I’ve tried to keep my dating life private from social media. I’ve dated girls my whole life and suppressed feelings I had throughout high school being on the wrestling team, throughout college pursuing MMA, and even after making part of the dream happen and getting into the UFC."

He continued:

"I’m a pretty masculine dude and that bro-y banter and [suspect] sense of humor has always been how I am. The thought of my buddies, teammates, and [people] I look up to looking at me different, let alone treating me different, for something I can't control was something I couldn’t fathom. In a sport like this where a majority of the fans being the homophobic c*cksuckers they are, I didn’t see myself doing this during this part of my career. I wanted to be known for my skills and what I’ve dedicated the last 11 years of my life to not and not the 'bi UFC fighter' that I’m sure would just be translated to 'gay UFC fighter.'"

Richard Armitage

In a candid interview with Radio Times, the popular 51-year-old star of Netflix Obsession shared openly about his sexuality and revealed that he has been in a relationship with a male partner for some time. Although he has been out to his closest friends and family since he was 19, this is the first time he has discussed it publicly. Let's show support for his bravery in being true to himself!

"[It] happened when I was 19 – to anybody who mattered – and I was always waiting for that question to punch me in the face, and it never did," he said. "I thought, 'Are people being polite, or is it that they don’t want to know?'"

Josh Seiter

Exciting news from a former Bachelorette contestant! In June, he bravely shared that he is bisexual, after previously identifying as pansexual. To add to the joy, he announced his happy relationship with a man named David. We applaud his courage in sharing his truth and wish him all the happiness in his future endeavors.

"I believe my upbringing, in the homeschooled Christian niche that we were brought up in, stayed with me, both consciously and unconsciously, for years after leaving home for college," he said. "I always knew as an early teen I was different sexually, I just don’t think I had the vocabulary to articulate what the difference was."

Josh Kiszka

Greta Van Fleet's frontman recently spoke up on Instagram to shed light on the concerning increase in anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry and legislature across the United States, including in his home state of Tennessee. In that same post, the lead singer bravely opened up about his own same-sex relationship, which has lasted for eight years. Let's show our support for Kiszka's courage and join him in promoting love and acceptance for all.

"Where I’ve settled a home in Tennessee, legislators are proposing bills that threaten the freedom of love," he wrote. "It’s imperative that I speak my truth for not only myself, but in hopes to change hearts, minds, and laws in Tennessee and beyond."

"These issues are especially close to my heart as I’ve been in a loving, same-sex relationship with my partner for the past 8 years," he continued, though not labeling himself. "Those close to me are well aware, but it’s important to me to share publicly."


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